Sunday 17 May 2015

vist of irish cousins

Hi,our irish cousins came over for a visit

The won on the left is Asling the won on the right is rosíin



Hi eevryone in the world (or in space).We'r sorry we didn't blog in a long time.

So anyway we were on holiday and we went to Bordeaux (the 5tht biggest city in France)and we were in an apartment in the center of the city. We cycled around the city for 6 hours.

On the way back we stopped of at the biggest dune of sand in Europe. It's called : Dune du Pilat.
We were there 5 years ago. We did the same picture for the laugh.


Sunday 19 April 2015



This  week we had some visitors and they taught us to play blackjack.  Their names are Jerome and Plonplon.  It was very fun and Jerome is very funny.  We had a good time.

We looked at a log of brochures with Jerome, but sadly didn't do any of them.  There was a machine where you put on special boots and water came out of the boots so powerfully that it made you fly and you had to taie waves like surfing.  We didm't do that as it was too expensive....

We had a massive storm of of hailstones.   We collected loads of hailstones in glasses.  We filled nine glasses of hailstones.  They were really really big!!


Monday 6 April 2015

We're nearly back

Great news: We booked our flights!!!!  We are coming back to Ballincollig on June 29th 2015!!!!  I feel happy and excited.  I will miss my friends here, but I will be happy to see my friends in Ireland again. 

We did fire experiments today which was really cool.

Also, we played a lot of soccer.

killian & sean

Sunday 29 March 2015

Ender's game

Hi, we watched 2 film's number 1:Enders game I recommended it .it is soooo good

Number 2: Dude were's my car it is really funny


Sunday 22 March 2015

harry potter

We started watching the film:HaryPotter.In french it is so goooooood

I recommend you to watch it in English.

We started our surfing lessons this week.  We will be doing it every Wednesday.  Surfing is so good.  Just to tell you the photo is not me surfing.


Sunday 15 March 2015


We went for a Walk 15km. It was really hard.  We walked from Ciboure, all the way to Hendaye which is next to Spain.It's part of Camino way
The people that were with us are or new neighbours  for the month. They are Canadians.  They are really nice.

4th & 5th clases went skiing at gourette for one week they are staying over there .We have the football pitch all for ourselves.

bellow is the map of gourrette The green :easy bleue :medium red:hard black :really hard