Monday, 9 March 2015

There was an event in Ciboure.  A boat got stuck on some rocks very near our house.  It took a long time to get it off.

 It took a lot of effort to get the boat out on the sea, so they decided to pull it into shore.
There was a lot of stress and police cars everywhere and firemen and helicopters and cranes and people watching.

It took a few days to get it free and back out to sea again.

 I have a new braces for my teeth to straighten them.  It is really cool, but at the start I can't talk really clearly.

 It has the liverpool crest on it!!!

We did a lot of cycling for the weekend.

After the cycling, we went to a restaurant and it was so nice.  I had a croque monsieur which is a toasted sandwich in French with cheese and ham.  It was really sunny.


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