Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hi people of the world!

I had an EPIC week-end !!

First, on saturday, the "Patrouille de France", they are the best pilots in France, did a show.
There were parachuters. Then there was a show with fast planes. We watched it from the beach, it was EPIC !

The colour of the French flag : bleu, blanc, rouge.

Today, Sunday, we went to the festival of the "Corniche". It's a road between Ciboure and Hendaye, near the sea. They closed it, so only people walking or cycling could go on it. It's about 10km long. And we went cycling. There were a lot of activities and shows such as : 

Capoeira - it's dancing that looks like fighting, it's from Brazil.

Traditional Basque dancing.

Some big sculptures along the way : 

There were a lot of stands that were talking about protecting the environement

We learned about the different pollution we found in the sea : 

There were some horses and carriages to carry people on wheelchair.
The blondy horses are called Pottok (pronounce pottiok). They are short and very strong. 

We went to the beach after the cycling. Sean is a common name here too. It's spelt XON.
The X are pronounced SH.


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  1. This is a really good interesting blogpost. Well done! I learned lots about how you are living now. I hope lots of those interesting things happen when I visit!