Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hiiiiiiii people of the world.

WE went to a place  called Espelette, it is chilly heaven !!

The walls that you see at the end of the photo are walls that are built for the waves to crash on so  that in the bay the water is calm (I think it is to avoid surfers) but my mum told me that it is to avoid the town of Saint Jean de Luz to be flooded in the winter.

On the right of the below picture, you can see the wavy side of the digue. They put cement block so the waves don't come crushing directly on the wall as it would prematurely deteriorate the wall. They add new cement blocks several times a year.



  1. I hope you like chillies. They seem to have lots for sale. Very interesting about the tide break. You have no fear of flooding on top if your hi

  2. Hi guys,

    Did you taste the chillies? Bet they would be sooooooo hot.

    Missing you guys here in ballincollig, we went for a walk round the block this evening, but was not the same when we knew we wouldn't bump into you.

    Anne and co.