Wednesday, 8 October 2014

French Market and Waves, of course !!

In France, there are a lot of outdoor markets.
Here are some mushrooms that look like bread.

There is also a lot of vegetables.

But my favourite food is ham and sausages (saucisson in french)

There is a lot of cheese in the basque country, especially cheese from ewe's milk.

A lot of small farms are making cheese. To show that it's real farm cheese, they stamp the cheese with the head of a ewe with a F in the middle, as you can see in the picture below.

And this is the waves at the Socoa digue



  1. I love learning new things from you about your very interesting area.

  2. I see lots of good food, but still no Gateau Basque. Have ye tried it yet? It's one of my favourite's epic!

  3. Philip, we have tasted Gateau Basque. There are 2 kinds : cherry and cream. I (Killian) looooooove gateau basque too !

  4. Yout photos of the markets reminded me of our holiday last month in the Ile de Re & La Rochelle where thete were brilliant food markets too.