Friday, 31 October 2014

Things we did

We finished our surf lessons. Here is Killian.

We did a orienteering walk. We had to find a box, there were questions to answer. It was all about basque mythology.  We learned about Laminak, small green creatures like this : 

We went to visit our mum's friend in Saverdun.  
They were friends for a long time. They had twin children at the same time. Her friend had 2 girls. We met when we were babies, at the hospital, as we are born 4 days apart. This is us now : 

We visited Toulouse, our birth city.

We did a long walk in the Pyrénées, near Foix, see map 

We walked to the highest top you can see on the picture. It was great.

We went to the prehistoric museum and parc. 

cave lion 

This is a megaloceros

Tools from bones, stones that cave men used to make :

Back home, in Saint Jean de Luz, we went straight to the beach as it is still very warm on Halloween.



  1. It sounds like you had a great time on your mid term break. i hope the weather stays fine for you for a while longer.

  2. Killian and Sean, It is wonderful to see and read all about your life in St Jean de Luz! Keep up the great work! The blog is wonderful! I am also very jealous of your surfing skills!!!