Sunday, 4 January 2015

Pamplona for the New Year

We went to Pamplona in Spain for a week.

In Pamplona we saw a shop called  Thomas.
I thought of you, my friend, Thomas Kelly ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a sculpture of the bull run

This is the stairs from our flat:

We went for a wintery walk. It was very cold.

A funny name for a shop

We heard that it was a tradition to get dressed up for the new year, so we did.  We went out at midnight, but there was hardly anybody because they only came out starting at 2am in the morning!!!    Spanish people seem to do everything a few hours later than everywhere else.  Shops open from 10am till 2pm and again from 5pm until 8pm.

There are loads of sweet shops and they are sooooo nice.

Back in France:

On the first sunday of the year, in France, the tradition is to eat a cake with a stone inside. The person who gets the stone is the King and can wear the crown.

Sean was the winner.  He is the king for the day.

Killian & Sean

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