Sunday, 25 January 2015

We did a run organised by our school and we took a picture with our teacher, Benoît.
Sean ran in the older kids group and arrived 3rd. I ran in my age group and came 2nd.

We went to mass as my parents heard that there would be some good singing going on. I was really bored until the end, when a crazy dancer came.

We did on least round of shooting

Sean went on to the FreeStyle ride. It was very scary.
Next to him is my best friend, André. He's mexican.

There are 2 birds coming near our windows every day. 

The great news we have is the arrival of our Nana !!!! 
We're having so much fun.
We went to see "Song of the Sea". It's a brilliant movie, 10 out of 10.
We went to San Sebastian for the day. 
Nana is the person who told us to do a blog. Her blog is Listowel Connection.

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